"Emotional and social intelligence for a billion digital characters."
What does this mean? We want to make the digital world a more human, engaging and ultimately rewarding place to be.
We aim to enable with our products:

Virtual worlds :
making users feel welcome not like extras in a zombie movie,
Animation :
letting the artist tell their stories without wooden characters,
Game genres :
where social and emotional engagement are front and center,
Interaction :
where the computer is an engaging and interactive character.


Ian Wilson, CEO Linkedin Profile

Ian founded Emotion AI after 20 years experience in senior
positions at cutting edge AI based technology start ups.
He most recently co-founded web 2.0 recommedation service
ZuKool where he was responsible for the core technology.
Prior to that Ian was Head of Technology for Tokyo based
Inago leading projects for IBM, NTT and NEC amongst others.
Earlier Ian was the project lead building military training
technology for the US based Katrix Inc whose customers also
included Disney and Intel.
Ian's earleir career was in corporate management with an
industrial services group prior to starting his first
business in the logistics industry at the age of 21.
Ian has a BSc. in Artificial Intelligence (1st class honors)

Tom Craig, Software Engineer Linkedin Profile

Tom brings deep software expertize to Emotion AI and is
responsible for moving forward the technology at the core
of our system and for ensuring it is built with passion
and excellence.
Tom has a BA and Masters in Computer Science from Cambridge
University (ranked #2 in the world).

Simon Pilgrim, Software Engineer Linkedin Profile

Simon is an expert in high performance character animation
systems for game consoles working at (SCEE) Sony Computer
Entertainment Europe and previously Electronic Arts (EA) on
Playstation 3 optimized technologies and at the BBC R&B Lab
working on virtual actor technologies.
Simon has a MEng and MPhil from Cambridge University
(ranked #2 in the world) and An engD (Engineering Doctorate)
from University College London.

Andrew Fraser, Technical Artist Linkedin Profile

Andrew brings a passion for animation to Emotion AI and is
responsible for building animation toolkit plug ins for
animators and for ensuring that we are building the tools
that make an their lives easier and more rewarding.
He has a background in mission critical software development
and hardware level programming at Cobham Satcom and Novalia.
Andrew has a BSc in Machatronics (electronic and computer
engineering) from the University of Cape Town, South Africa.